5 264 SUBSCRIBERS VIDEOS WATCHED FRIEND Gender Male Age 52 Interested In Girls About Me 420 PM Hello there Here I am survivingI am an honest and genuine highly intelligent empathic and caring man - when shown some love and affection as I was born with mental health differences that include impulsivity hypersexuality and exhibitionist interest love sex in public places yet also social anxiety and ruminating thought components I have suffered for not all thankfully but most of my life and especially my teens and youthful part of my life from a severe absence of sexual relationship as stigma and social anxiety and all of the associated things that develop when you are like me eg not in employment but I game on PS4 lol combined with society's utterly negligent care towards us tends to cause this My mental pain which all pain is has been and is extremely hard to bear and as a hypersexual the lack of sexual fulfilment affection and love has been my greatest burden hard is it to meet someone to share some real love and affection? OASIS - How Fucking I wish Occupation Disability Pension School High school Interests and Hobbies Sex would be a prime interest if had someone to do it with Had my life allowed a more positive track maybe I would have been physically fit to do porn I would like I fantasise now sometimes about if only l could do 'OldYoung' beauty and the beast amateur public places I could only dream porn with an interested and genuine friends - money to the girls who we wretched old unfortunates apparently love to watch in the pretense we could have sex with some lovely young girl - as if - without being well cashed up though? - and some experience life chose to deny me for myself My take on it would be reality videos of sexual affection healing someone physically and mentally if care and integrity was involved I just wish life would let something sexually good happen for me as the female form the more perfect it becomes drives my mind and emotions wild and I mean that more strongly than most would experience It's just killing my soul and spirit My mind and body aren't faring well either Favorite Music I'm deeply moved by music though I am especially enthralled by soundscapes and music in motion pictures T enjoy any genre of music if the particular piece is quality art I particularly like the works of Percy Grainger as I have a relationship to the family that produced his eccentric strangeness and relate deeply to numerous traits of his Hypersexuality lol I really like a lot of different music but two huge favourites from the past are Pink Floyd and Ice House and I really love Evanescence 'Bring Me to Life' and Lisa Miskovsky 'Still Alive' as anthems for my life Favorite Books My ADD side dissuades me from reading much any more I like reading about the brain mind and conciousness and the human condition in general along with the overall state of human society and our affect orn the planet I like reading about the universe and science in general I prefer YouTube lectures and public talks and debates by reputable scientists eg ASU Origins Project Turn Ons I am particularly turned on by sex in public places and outdoors and especially at the beach and in the ocean Given what life denied me I am extra turned on by teens which sucks if only lol as I'm 52 - It's torturous! ater Sports' and Bukkake turn me on I fantasise about watching my girlfriend if I had one fucking another guy or girl or gang banging with me fucking her too Lots of things really Turn Offs When people's intentions are not loving or caring or lacking integrityIdon't judge by any given sex act if it is consensual and caring A sex act may look extremely rough forceful and non consensual or abusive but I consider the morality lies in the wilful intention of all persons involved - some people like things extreme I don't know the full range of what I may enjoy or not as I have been denied much actual experience I wish someone could help me out I need to feel alive again PLEASE READ BEFORE FRIENDING ME - WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR HERE EXPERIMENTALLY WITH ZERO EXPECTATIONS Obviously I am an extensive user of porn If my body and mind were in good shape read my About doing amateur porn would interest me and of course if l actually had a sexual partner of the same interest T've never actually even had a cybersex experience I'm looking to see as you might judge from my profile if there are any girls on here amateur exhibitionists hypersexual girls or just girls who use porn who might just have a real conversation witn a guy as l've described myself - a tall order probably I have been very honest here about my situation and am curious to chat connect with or even meet if that were possible a girl with such sexual interests and genuine nature beyond just the dollars not that dollars are bad because I try Are there any here? Friend me with a decent message if you are real like that or I will likely reject your request Also l'm not looking for male friends - sorry about that l'll just be on and off here using porn as I always have well before I signed up just to see what people are like I use OASIS and wondered what this was like - porn vs dating site At least on here while you are waiting to not be talked with lol if you're like me there is at least a s**t ton of sex and sexy bodies to relieve the tension a bit Cheers girls or girls on Very smart man looking for sexual ladies Meme











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