4 Back to Messenger 930 PM 128% D Done ourfunnyzblogzzertumblrc C Q Search Tumblr There's nothing here Whatever you were looking for doesn't currently éxist at this address Unless you were looking for this error page in hich case Congrats! You totally found it Log in Sign up Posted by dvdp 4Back to Messenger 932 PM nootnootyoufish + inde independqueen somebody wrote something on this blog about you LOL visit httptinyurlcomh4zssf5 nootnootyoufish It just went to the login screen independqueen DOnt OPEN IT Do not l fucked up man someones on my blog proba lh nootnootyoufish Oh shit I opened it It just said error page GIF Say your thing harvest-moon-mystic venneccablind nootnootyoufish YO PSA!!! If you get a link like this from one of your tumblr buddies DON’T OPEN IT!!! IT’S NOT THEM THAT SENT IT!!!! IT’LL FUCK UP YOUR TUMBLR AND SEND THE LINK TO OTHERS ON YOUR ACCOUNT EDIT Shit! I might have to make a new account This is screwing up my tumblr and one of my side blogs has been deleted Too bad I didnt see this soonerIf you get some random message from me guys heres a thing Ughhhhhh this fucked up a blog I had been running for 5 years and I lost so many followers and i got locked out of my messenger my ability to tag things my whole themepage setup access to archives everything If you ever get a link like this from me or crying-for-the-moon personal blog DON’T CLICK IT It sends a message to every mutual you have if you let the virus in This link sent messages to hundreds and hundreds of people from my other blog and fucked up their blogs too This shit is bad news Meme











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