34 CRUCIAL TIPS FOR YOUR NEXT JOB INTERVIEW COMMON NONVERBAL MISTAKES MADE DURING JOB INTERVIEWS In a survey of more than 2000 hiring managers 33% claimed to know whether or not they would hire someone within 90 seconds 67% 47% 38% 33% 33% 26% STATISTICS SHOW THAT FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE DETERMINED BY Fail to make eye contact 55% ! The way you dress act and Have little knowledge of the company walk through the door 38% » The quality of your voice grammar and Dont smile 7% @ E The words you choose to say Have bad posture THINGS THAT HAVE AN IMPACT ON FIRST IMPRESSIONS Fidget too much 70% 0 of employers claim they don't want applicants to be overly fashionable or trendy Have a weak handshake 65% of hiring managers say clothes can be the deciding factor between two similar 0 Play with their hair or touch their face RIGHTLY-COLORED CLOTHING 15 BAD 21% Cross their arms over their chest 9% Use too many hand TOP 10 MOST COMMON INTERVIEW MISTAKES Conveying that you're not over losing your last job why you lost your Not showing enough Lacking humor warmth or Concentrating too much on what you research about a potential employer 7 8ntenger te 9 10 Fort gpask Trying to be all things to all people Failing to set yourself apart from other candidates Failing to for the job 4 QUESTIONS MOST LIKELY TO BE ASKED I What was your experience like at? 2 Why do you want to work for us? 3what do you know 4wurdid you leave about our your previous job MOST IMPORTANT INTERVIEW TIPS Iorganizationthe 2 that yond ime to fil 3R 4 Learn about Have a specific position in mind that you'd like to fll Review your qualifications for the job Be ready to briefly describe related For people looking for jobs Meme




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