3 My name and place of living is Yes Felf2013 Toni and I am from Dallas because I knew this guy Техas was a perv Hello Okay so tell me more about your day???? Alright it's my pleasure to meet you Toni x Hello? Umm I did literally nothing You too! How're you doing? Alright xx So tell me have you ever been to Liverpool? Who are you? What's the time over there?? Nope! 338 Alright Oh Okay hope you have had your lunch? Do you live alone over there in Dallas Texas?? Yeah T have not yet What's your beautiful name and where are you from???? Yes Why not hungry? O Message + Message + Message 4 A l50% 1057 PM 50% 1058 PM 50% 1058 PM also fake 07U White Edwards Idk Auto machanic Сo Why do u want to know so much about me? Alright nice profession Alright x How young are you? Just want to know but if you can't tell me no problems Do you have any kids living with you? It's fun 23 I don't really want to I don't think so X Alright No So tell me more about your Can I see your pics? Why not? personalities? Oh I see and I think you're single if I'm not mistaking All professions are good depending on what you earn monthly x No Alright Toni I understand your point okay Yeр Maybe Why? Hello are you busy? What's your monthly income? Okay I live with my son here in L I don't want to No Why do u want to know so much about me? Alright Ooh! Cool Alright What's your profession? Just want to know but if vou Yes but He is currently O Message Message Message Message + + 2 A really weird experience I had on Instagram last year I used a fake name and job along with where I lived because I was curious Once it got too creepy I shut it down I also have no clue who he is Meme

Being alone









Liverpool F.C.

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