279 supplies for Coachi Hedge's miellansous camping monster trap been hoping to find some fnesh elothes Two days n he was tired of walking anound SLA DEL ENCANTORico shirt eapecially since a matching one Unforrunately the Zippy T-shirs with Coniederate lags and corny er CALM AND POLLOW THE RENECK Nico Ne He de NIC Ni he d stick with jparrots und palm trees They GIVEN A CHOCE between death and the Buford Nico would ve had a tough time way arouid the Land of the Dead Phus the fo l oek to the campsite down s two-lane roasd be blazing sun This part of South Carolina seemed to rgown fielda punctuated by selephone s cvered in kudas vines The town of Buford a cnlection of portahle meral sheds-six ar seven I still don't get it Coach Hedge muttered as the the center aisle They named a whole sown after L ebchwas probably alan the town's population wasn't euctly a sunshine penon but for once he tbe warmth It made him feel more substantial o the mortal world With every shadow-jump harder and harder Even in broad daylight I think the town was here first Coach Nicos Hsh The coach picked up a box of powdend Maybe you're right These look at leas a Nico couldnt think about Portigal without hi ing Across his biceps the werewolf claw marks swollen and redlerkhad asked Nc heda a fight with a bobeat sord kept around his ankles for no apparent reason Once when he wan'Y looking where he was going he walked straight d psd through solid objects His belt and iling They bought a fistraid kit a pad of paper ba Ca Hedge could write more paper airplane mesages thb some junk food and soda ince the banqucet table is R new magic tent only provided healthy food and frnd Nico remembered something Jason Grace had told him in epalace of Notus Mayhe lt's time you come aut ef tbe sbados onl I could he thought For the first time in his life to fear the dark because he might melt into it permanenty Nco and Hedge had no trouble finding their way back to wildflowers-and-booksJuly Book Photo Challenge Day 18 - Fangirl Feels For this challenge I’m using The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan because Nico is my bae Also aren’t my kittens hella cute? Meme











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