26+ Smashing Tumblr Posts That Are Not To Be Missed biggest-gaudiest-patronuses seduce me with ridiculous history facts chrownox Pineapples used to be so expensive that people would rent them for partys as prestige decoration biggest-gaudiest-patronuses that's the shit goldengaypotato Upwards of 90% of all giraffe sex is homosexual with some males even developing intimate relationships that include fawning and cuddling with their necks biggest-gaudiest-patronuses my first thought was this can't possibly be based on fact and then Giraffes Further information Giraffe § Social life and breeding habits Male giraffes have been observed to engage in remarkably high frequen ci es of homosexual behavior After aggressive necking it is common for two male giraffes to caress and court each other leading up to mounting and climax Such interactons between males have been found to be more frequent than heterosexual coup ling 79 In one study up to 94% of observed mounting inciden ts took pla ce between two males The proportion of same sex activities varied between 30 and 75% and atany given time one in twenty males were engaged in non-combative necking behavior with another male Only 1% of same-sex moun ting inciden ts occurred between females leol biggest-gaudiest-patronuses this has nothing to do with history unclefather Historically giraffes are gay Sourcebiggest-gaudiest-patronuses #welp 47652 notes Sarcasm Goal Click to see full list 26+ Smashing Tumblr Posts That Are Not To Be Missed #funny #lol #memes #humor #tumblr Meme











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