24 mins First time I seen your face Ivar interview I know I was always going to be in love with you! I miss you unlove you miss your kiss I miss your smile Miss your smile miss your touch I miss you Chris I love you always friends that's what you promised Happy Father's Day! Well that's funny for 2 and 12 years you didn't want nothing but f** screw my ass all over the place two years everyday every night lunch breaks and everything else you like my f***big boots and everything else that's what you wanted so now you don't f****dog me like that I got news for you you told me you're f****** wife of what a f****** she's worthless like a dead f****God damn weed in the bed she just rolls over and puts f*****lotion on so go ahead fuk with me and you Chris seriously from day one I walked into your office for an interview you were all over me like there was no tomorrow and for 2 and 12 f****** nearest every Jay every night oh ask the fact you are the goddamn manager of the insulation apartment and you work hard me because you like the way I looked after that you came out to my car and f****** said you wanted to do something with me so go by the way your wife should know that actually when you got off the Army you come down there f****in a Kohl's parking lot see how that goes 2 Comments Like Share Comment Married woman talking about cheating on her current husband Meme


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