20 AUGUST 0159 world needs more of your cosmic bang come on! keep making that groovygravy art maaan! far out This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to- 0 AUGUST 0303 your easel is sobbin dali very disturbed by your lack of faith in art all of a sudden 42921 rgihing fink uplifting fings? i do fink my halway would look gowjuss wiv one of your pieces there This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to small mini series praps? spacey one would look very brash against exposed brick wall let me know how much the deposit will be if you're up to it hope all is well in the world all the best 0 AUGUST 19 03 truly im in awe of your work especially the resin pieces what dimensions would be possible £100-E150 for a resin work* sorry i dont use facebook so i didnt bother putting my human name in if there was any confusion ugh 'human name that didnt sound moderately sane did it real persons name ive no clue on how to advise on colours and such if the money will encourage you to draw then by all means draw what you like I'll av* it but could it generally go along the lines of oooo outer space my spirit animal colourful amoeba's cosmos star explosions death star explosions 22 AUGUST 1901 ou accepted their request Hi thank you for your kind words about my work Unfortunately I'm not painting at the moment as I don't have a studio but I do have plenty of paintings in stock I'm just wondering do I know you and how have you 2 AUGUST 2128 Your work is definitely impressive I'm surprised you havent done as much with resin those pleces were surely a brief glimpse into 'spirit colour Ive appreciated that sort of imagination for ages check robert venosa ozric tentacles art that sort of thing Sorry to hear about the studio how much were they charging for the space? Ages ago now but I don't think we shared a particularly pleasant experience I was quite disillusioned with it all in the end You'd talked about your work and I wasn't sure what to expect but I was instantly plussed As we were having such a bad time on top of that I wouldn't have wanted you to think this was some awkward sordid panty fetish from some oat which I can assure you is not the case business is business and I have walls to decorate so lets by all means talk art inventory pic related oaf so we have met? when where and who are you? I met you at the NHS work experience' a few years ago even mentioning those 3 letters what a nightmare that Im from there* It was ages ago and you probably wouldnt remember Apologies facebook can be such a pestilence I was properly hooked years ago and decided to tune out the profile name and all Oh yeah I do remember So why after such a long time have you decided to seek me out? As you can understand contacting me through a fake profile has creeped me out Tbh I'm surprised you remembered after all this time Sorry this has all become a bit serious suddenly I didnt mean for full on chess to ensue I just wondered if you were selling You're quite personable from what I remember I would be delighted to do business with you if you're still selling any Its ok to type you know Is it rude to interrupt a lady in her full on verbal onslaught? is that whats coming and I'm sure you didn't mean for your messages to come across the way they have but you need to understand from my perspective that I received some very strange messages from a Facebook account that isn't real Asking me about my paintings in a personal way What I don't understand is why you didn't contact me via my professional profile with your name I understand you deleted your old fb But your first message could have been hey it'sfrom that NHS scrolls up to top of page It's not an onslaught I just want you to understand how this came across to me And to answer your questions Im not painting atm as i don't have timespace to do it I'm I was insensitive clearly I wish I were a robot How are things then? Are you still selling any pieces I mean paintings that are already painted* Im sorry to hear you're not painting at the mo I was rude i am resting my hands in my cheeks right now your shop is empty!!! i didnt know there'd be a problem contacting you here as its basically the same thing? as opposed to work profile? BLOCKED Meme


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