2014 O 11% Claire Today 1823 Am I supposed to send my CV to you separate or do you just want a covering letter? Covering letter is enough Could I get a job description to base it off please? Today 1935 Lonely mildly depressed single female seeking remotely stable man friend to people watch in reality and via Netflix Responsibilities include Chaperoning to live music events cinemas and shitty Dundee bars perhaps occasionally a nightclub Corresponding via a range of media within adequate times Ability to tolerate prolonged bouts of complaining about life or work as well a questionable music taste Providing mental and physical support in a range of activities including the gym Spooning and perhaps sexual duties Temporary post Potential to become permanent I'm a business teacher this is my shit right here Today 2006 Dear Claire I'm writing this letter in regards to the temporarypermanent position of Partner Please find my desperate attempt at wooing below I am a reasonably stable Male that has previous experience in dating being a partner with varying levels of success Can deal with copious amounts of complaining over different forms of communication very rarely leaves on read Prefer outdoor activities to indoor exercise but can do Will deal with drinking sessions professionally until shots are ordered though will still find way home Sexual performance may vary Thank you for taking the time to review my application I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully progressing to the next stage of a date I can't believe you actually wrote me a cover letter it's one of the better ones I've had so I guess we could do an interview Type a message GIF Her bio read “It’s a bio no a CV” Meme











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