1AM glyndarling aerylon loloftheday Let’s see you little punks smash my letterbox now This reminds me of this guy who used to live on my dad’s street Every time it snowed the snow plow would take out his mailbox - and only his mail box And just to be clear - it was done intentionally No one knows why but the driver of the snow plow would target his box and mow it down He’d call the DOT to complain and would get an earful of excuses that amounted to “not our fault you have a wimpy mailbox” Fast forward to the next winter First decent snow starts falling and every kid is hoping for a snow day It was right around 430 am that the whole neighborhood was woken up to this loud CLANG and the screech of tearing metal My dad made it to the window first and started laughing his ass off Sitting out side was one very totaled and almost ripped in half snow plow And these weren’t little pick-up trucks with a blade on the front we have these up in NY Well turns out over the summer my dad’s neighbor got himself a backhoe and sank a steel I beam into the ground in his front yard Then he covered it with a decorative wood sleeve and topped it with a brand new mailbox When the snowplow driver tried to mow it down it was a bad case of immovable object meets unstoppable force - and the mailbox won With the plow firmly impaled on the I beam it was very clear that the driver had gone out of his way to hit it Naturally the DOT wasn’t happy and the neighbor’s reply was simple “Not my faulty you have a wimpy snowplow” They did try to sue him for the damages but as he had gone to the town gotten approval for the post and its installation and made sure everything was up to code it was thrown out pretty quick And for anyone wondering about the driver… He was fine His job and tighty-whiteys … not so much That is a very satisfying read Meme











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