150711 JJr 31% O X Тext Неу so first of all I realise this might sound kinda entitled and as if I see women as objects I am very much of a feminist obviously and reflect my thoughts and feelings thoroughly But one thing I noticed is that once I get to know women closer I just want to have sex with them I want to see the other side of them I want to see what they're into and what they're like when they orgasm I personally am only interested in pleasing women so I really want to see this side of them Even with women I'm not at all attracted to at first sight once I get to know them better their kindness their personality I just want to please them For example I recently started working for a PhD candidate and she's so patient with me and insightful and has such a relaxed voice it makes me so horny I will never fuck the company or make any moves yet I still idk appreciate her? I don't even know what I am expecting from this post It's just like I want to have fun with them not in the sense that I wanna get off bu idk to enjoy them I guess you could say that I really enjoy women It makes me only sexual but in general They just make my heart happy and if I could please them even more so I also love when a woman has a relaxed voice It lifts a burden from my shoulders and just makes me feel good happy to be around women not I have no idea why I am posting this really just wanted to get this off my shoulders Share Award 2 SINGLE COMMENT THREAD VIEW ALL FireballFoxtrot 2h I didn't know women could be incels Reply -6 Add a comment ractuallesbians is a huge circlejerk who knew? Meme











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