13 hrs Yesterday at 706 AM Thank you for the truth HEALTHIMPACTNEWSCOM Harvard Immunologist to Legislators Unvaccinated Children Pose ZERO Risk to Anyone You and 2 others 10 Comments 1 Share Angry Comment Share Unfortunately httpswwwsnopescomharvard- study-unvaccinated SNOPES COM FACT CHECK Did a Harvard Study Prove That Unvaccinated Children Pose No Like Reply 14h Harvard needs to go back to school Like Reply 11h Gotta love a scientist who violates the scientific method through confirmation bias has seen the light about the short commings of academia and decides to charge people money to listen to her because she founded a physicians against actual science foundation when she is not in fact a physician Like Reply 2h Ok I'm deleting it I don't usually get roped in thanks y'all Like Reply 2h i mean I was going to share it as well Like Reply 2h Anitax Expert menanrom conea comments throw you off don't let 3 people's Like Reply 1h Antivax Expert While I agree that she should not change her mind because of 3 comments the first is literally posting a fact check that the person is not a legitimate source and I'm commenting on the irresponsibility of the person in the article because I am actually getting my PhD and have subject matter expertise on conducting and disseminating scientific research ethically and responsibly What is your expertise? Like Reply 1h Antivax Expert a FB argument with you at 1030pm on a Saturday Snopes is not a legitimate source either Regardless of your PhD I have hundreds of hours of of my own personal research and i don't answer to you I'm responding to Kristen and advising her to to her pwn research Be wel Like Reply 1h Edited I'm not going to get into Antivax Expert You don't want to get into an argument but you posted anyway so you can get in the last word how very adult of you You are correct Snopes isn't a legitimate source of scientific information it is a fact checking website that investigates the accuracy of people's claims Regardless of my PhD if you didn't conduct your own scientific studies or read actual peer-reviewed empirical studies not secondhand interpretations of studies like the author in this story your hundreds of hours of research mean dick This is just as annoying as when my mother was diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 liver cancer and everyone goes Doctors are wrong God makes miracles when the overwhelming statistics and research demonstrate that people die Anecdotal accounts can't be generalized as universals It is irresponsible at best and malicious intent at worst to misrepresent research to support your own beliefs as the immunologist in the open letter The thing that I find the saddest is that a majority of the antivax community are people who have themselves been vaccinated and are so worried about having an autistic child which is complete garbage they would rather have a dead child But you know you've done hundreds of hours of research and own your own business so you are an expert Like Reply 3m Write a reply Oi chica please tell me you aren't falling for the bullshit You're waaaaaay too intelligent for that Like Reply 12m Antivax Mom doesn't want to argue with me Meme









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