1234 1 LTE 41 Instagram FonicallyeatmertusI3 My WHY! biggest skeptic and thought that Young Living was a HUGE fad these oils were a bunch of junk and wouldn't do anything for me oh lord was I wrong! Being diagnosed with severe crohns gastroparesis asthma endometriosis pelvic congestion syndrome Ehlers Danlos syndrome Rheumatoid arthritis and polyorthostatic tachycardia syndrome i knew I had to make a change I was being pumped full of all sorts of meds to try and get my symptoms under control injections infusions countless meds and the list goes on Seeing Jordyn in the clinic every week and messaging back and forth about how they could change my life I decided to meet up with her take a look at all the different oils that would help my symptoms and comparing the starter kit I ran home to order my kit immediately ecstatic and ready for a change I bit the bullet and anxiously awaited my order I was the 3 years ago My anxiety was at an all time high I wasn't sleeping constantly sick in and out of the hospital dehydrated stomach pains so many TMI situations that made me think I was legit dying because of blood loss My doctors made the choice to take me out of work for two years to get some testing surgeries and make a plan for my health I wasn't happy and just felt down completely isolated I felt nobody understood Fast forward 3 years later to present time I am mentally in a much better place I know how to support my bodymind and manage my daily symptoms with my oils and supplements The reason WHY I continue to do this business is to be able to HELP and EDUCATE you! Have you heard the saying we can't do better if we don't know better it's my goal to help as many people as I can KNOW better so they can DO better for themselves and their families! I keep doing this business because it brings me joy knowing I have found TRUE friendships with the ladies that are apart of this YL world I can help make a change I know I can help others feel this exact same way and nothing empowers me more Are YOU ready babe!? Better health and options are waiting for you to start your journey swipe to see some pics from the lavender farm and distillery in Mona Utah Young living heals all! Meme











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