1232 O 1240 1252 I mean you can try I'm shit at replying lol WHY WONTYOU LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!! uElvenSpire 10m the 9 book story of a womans journey through life Yeah its just I have a boyfriend and it's kinda awkward when guys do this Like if you want to have m a regular conversation about things that's fine but stop with the aggressive compliments and stuff it's awkward But you're not shit at being amazing and wonderf and so pretty uElvenSpire 5m Chapter one My First Period okay I won't burden you with somethign you don't normally do then But I reserve the right to talk to you in regular PMsfuck off block me please then Got it? say yes!! 3m LMAO you watch Friends? uElvenSpire 8m uElvenSpire 2m uElvenSpire 2m Yessir I kinda want to put you on rcreepypms because you're being super aggressive lol I do oh and before I block you PLEASE go ahead and put our interactions on creepypms so people can laugh i was trying to be funny because im hyper right no at the stupid cunt you are You're just like all the other mean pieces of shit in this world Did I ask you out did I get sexual with you or soemthing friends can compliment each other in a harmless way and but now the happiness is gone because you accus I was clearly being happy and hyper and i thought trying to be funny and you come out and act like im being creepypm's? fucking autistic cunt trying to shame other human beings for no reason at all can't damnit i fucking love you bitch sorry for the bitch sorry for telling you i fucking love because i liked to talk to you you its happiness but damnit we talked the other day don't know if you remembe rme we ended convo when you started playing zelda me of being a creepy perv now im sad and honestly this sucks sorry to have messaged you goodbye believe i ever thought you were cool do i have your permission to open a permanent chat with you on reddit okay blocked SAY YES OR ELSE please block me i will do same to you uElvenSpire 3m Sorry rniceguys is more suitable cant believe you just accused me of creepypms you're not as cool as i thought goodbye Reply to message II < Reply to message Reply to message II Sorry for the bad formatting This started off so innocent too! Never thought I'd actually meet one myself šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ Meme











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