11Alive News @11AliveNews She went to the hospital to have her baby Now her husband is raising two kids alone on11alivecom2P9SS5 812 AM Oct 18 2018 647 Retweets 929 Likes GEM @ROZtheCreator Dear BLACK WOMEN It's time to educate ourselves even further I believe it's time to hire more midwives or doulas and try to do home births idk if you guys didn't see that video where that Doctor explained that they don't listen BLACK WOMEN well here's proof 11Alive News @11AliveNews She went to the hospital to have her babv Now her husband is raising two kids alone on11alivecom2P9SS5I 130 PM Oct 18 2018 4K Retweets 6K Likes uncommonbish mx-lamont uncommonbish BLACK MOTHERS shouldn’t be dying after giving birth but they are and it isn’t because of complications or health issues it’s because NO ONE IS LISTENING WHEN THEY SPEAK! My little sister’s birthing is PRIME example of this! My parents ended up suing a hospital because Instead of the doctor being the one to deliver my little sister some random nurse did it And SHE cut the umbilical cord From where I come from that is the father’s duty A janitor walked in right before delivery while my mom was in stirrups business all out to “mop the floor” They didn’t get my mom the right dosage of anastasia And to top it all off My mom literally KICKED that bitch of a fuckin nurse because on my mother’s paper work it say she is ALLERGIC TO LATEX!! 👏🏾AND👏🏾 WHAT👏🏾 DOES 👏🏾THAT👏🏾 BITCH 👏🏾WEAR👏🏾?!? LATEX GLOVES!!! My father had to run to the CVS across the street to buy a box of non-latex gloves for them to use because they didn’t have ANY non-latex gloves in the ENTIRE FUCKING HOSPITAL!!! I wish I were making this up I wish I could just be like “lol jk” But my mother almost lost her life in birth because the hospital staff didn’t listen to her the SEVERAL TIMES she was trying to tell them something was wrong Meme

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