100% 923 AM US Cellular UMaine College Republicans MAINE Yesterday at 1153 AM Thank you Nick Isgro for standing up to the Radical Left- Wing agenda that is being pushed by Establishment Republicans in Augusta with the help of the Left The most successful tactic of Communists is rewriting history and destroying our heritage WE must not forget the brutal societies that Christopher Columbus and other explorers discovered in America These societies were corrupted by rampant ritual sacrifice and cannibalism The bible is actually full of examples just like the Aztecs and we should be giving them praise? I do not thinks so Maporal Proclamation CITY of Waterville COLUMBUS DAY 2019 Whereas The arrival of Christopher Columbus on the shores of the New World in 1492 marked the beginning of relations between the Americas and the rest of the world and opened the doorway to knowledge and exploration known as the Age of Discovery and hereas After Columbus millions of European immigrants brought their art music science medicine philosophy and religious principles to America which contributions have helped shaper the United States and include Greek democracy Roman law Christian ethics and the belief that all men are created equal and On Columbus Day we honor the skilled navigator and man of Faith who President Benjamin Harrison described as a pioneer of progress and enlightenment whose spirited voyage transformed the western hemisphere and inspired countiess others to pursue their dreams and convictions in the face of seemingly insurmountable doubts and adversity and The accomplishments of Columbus through his courage and willingness to take unknown risks in exchange for discovery knowledge and oreat has trickled down through each own hereas Chereas GIF Write a comment ు Republicans at my university have a problem with Indigenous People’s Day Meme





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