1 what is X? If 1x - 1 It is 1 I will pray for anyone to think and reason it is another # use the brain God gave you It's all math it is proved not theoretical If God in the eons of years throughout his creative process did something created whatever he created we will never come to posses all knowledge because come on people God is the Sovereign Creator He always was always is and always will be He is the only and most high spiritual entity that wasn't created It is a tuff one to try and grasp But his word the holy scriptures if any of all the Jews I've meet and I am Jewish as all my family is as far back as we have traced Ever read the Scriptures all the answers are there if we've ever done any leg work to see If Columbus or all the idiots of those eras read scripture there would be no well what if the world was flat The scriptures are clear The earth is like a round orb that hangs upon nothing In Isaiah there is a scripture that says look up and see all these things that have been created talking about the stars the plants all that and it says each one of them God calls by name so just reasoning alone tells us that God has a name for every star in the universe and it never ends put that one in your pocket and little things what happens when you die Read in Ecclesiastes it tells you that's why Abraham had face to put up his son Isaac because he knew he would see him again in the resurrection if God took him it goes on and on I'm gonna say something and I invite anyone to him in a polite manner as I would be absolutely polite tell you I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and I've learned more about My faith my heritage of a G as I do in all the years I was Jewish I knew nothing they taught me nothing I knew the four questions that we did for Passover we did the candles where are this that and the other thing but we never learned about who God is and the only way you learn about who he is is by learning about his qualities his principles heart and on and on and I Still consider myself Jewish I just believe that all scripture is divinely inspired and it's like a instruction book God left for us until the end of this system which is coming soon just like the day of Noah on the flood came because it was not nothing but bad all the time so get ready people and then God will restore his original purpose that man will be brought back to perfection and live forever inPerfection on a paradise earth and who knows what else after that it says new scrolls will be opened so we'll always be learning I wouldn't doubt will be start tracking around that universe is not out there for nothing I invite anyone to talk to me politely and I will politely talk back and I love you all and draw close to God because as you draw close to God he draws you closer to him 106k views View Upvoters Do you think God stays in heaven because he's afraid of what's down here? Meme

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