1 1% Sprint 918 PM Messenger Produce Clerk at 01132010 658 PM i need to ask you hey something tomorrow before first period so remind me ifi forget please 01132010 803 PM umm okay i will! haha dont worry im not goin to ask you out hahahahaha! i didnt think that lol ok good 01172010 435 AM oh my gosh im so sorry!!!! its my grandpas birthday the day of Mr and since hes REALLY old and sick my parents are making me go to their house so i cant be your escort OR even watch m SOO sorry!!!! i hope you dont get disqualified!! im 01172010 334 PM haha its ok i can see why they would make you go i would want to go see her to if she was sick and i will just have to ask somebody else so its ok thanks anyways though but would you like to go see a movie sometime with some friends or hang out sometime or something 01232010 1207 AM hey please just take the time to read this cause i have to tell you something i wanted to say this to your face but you kept running away from me so all i wanted to say was that i am sorry for what i said about me liking you even more since you have said yes that totally came out wrong it made people seem like i loved you and that is not what i wanted to get across i just ment to say that you are a reliable friend and you became a good friend to me that is all i Swear and i am also sorry because it seems like i was pushing our friendship a little to far and yah i know i am annoying sometimes i am trying to change who i am a little bit with not as annoying and getting involved with stuff so i am sorry for everything i said about you and i can see if you would not want to be my friend anymore and if you dont then that is ok with me i will leave you alone so i just wanted to say that i am sorry i just tryed as hard as i could to be friends with you and i screwed it up like usual and i guess i didnt want to have you not be my friend so bad i screwed it up and got in a whole so i am sorry 01242010 1136 PM I've barely ever talked to you I'm sorry for this huge misunderstanding yah it just seems like you have been running away from me ever since i posted that thing as my status and i just wanted to say i am sorry for comming on to strong It's okay ok good so are we still friends sure ok good so what has been goin on Aa A friend inspired me to scroll through Messenger back to high school times and I found this He asked me to be his escort for the high school’s male beauty pageant I had maybe said one word to him in the halls previously Maybe Meme

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