00 285 and ed the popula T 383 I can't believe I ate that whole pineapple! Tom said dolehtu I dropped the toothpaste Tom said crestfallen We don't have a homerun hitter Tom said ruthlessly I keep shocking myself said Tom revolted My steering wheel won't turn Tom said straightforwardly iThat's the last time I pet a lion Tom said offhandedly I'll dig another ditch around the castle Tom said remotely i I shouldn't sleep on railroad tracks said Tom beside himselfi I've lost a lot of weight Tom expounded I keep banging my head on things Tom said bashfully I'lI have to telegraph him again Tom said remorsefully “I can't get down from the mountain Tom alleged Let's play a C E and G said Tom's band in accord You call this a musical? asked Les miserably I must make the fire hotter! Tom bellowed i i mothmanismyuncle american-auror-story jellyfish-blob quiteawfulpretty he-wants-the-221d sweethoneysempai smarsupial womandrogyne I am so aroused right now Oh I know some folks who will get this much faster than I did @misshoneywheeler @aliceofalonso my favorite pundits Tag urself im “I keep bashing my head on things” Tom said bashfully We had to make some of these up for our standardised state testing “You call this a musical?” I’m SCREAMINF i was halfway through before i realized these were puns i am so mad This was fun to read the first time through before you realized anything It was INCREDIBLE the second time and you realize how blind you were the first time IM SOBBIN HOLY FUCKIN SHIT Meme











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